Uncover Invisible Value
BrandView.AM formulates actionable business strategies, plans, and recommendations to enhance the Value and Cash Flow of your Real Estate Holdings. This includes repositioning or rehabilitation, capital improvements, leverage and debt management, and dispositions.

For Asset Owners and Fiduciary Advisors, our 30-Day Asset Accelerator Program (“AAP”) provides a crystal-clear, step-by-step Action Plan with supporting financial analysis to identify and unlock hidden value with a commitment to delivering results.

BrandView.AM C.A.U.S.E. Method
Collect: All asset information and ascertain client timeframe and growth objectives    
Current property valuation, operations and capital structure    
All cash flow enhancement, value creation and risk reduction opportunities    
Value Creation Recommendations prioritized by highest to lowest feasibility (based on incremental capital investment), with supporting financial analysis    
Provide unique action plan to accelerate asset value    

For Financial Advisors and Principals, our proprietary Investment Evaluation System (“IES”) provides fast and cost-effective deal analysis to vet new commercial real estate investments.

BrandView.AM S.C.A.L.E. Method
Select: The right deals from many that meet clients’ investment objectives    
Collect the asset data, investment objectives and time frame 
Analyze: Analyze the risk and return drivers, “gaps” sponsor underwriting, business plan, market analysis   
Leverage the analysis to position yourself as expert and help the client    
Help move forward or away from the investment decisions and in some cases scale it out to other investors where appropriate
Realize Invisible Value
As a fully integrated asset manager, we execute and operate on our recommendations to enhance the Value and Cash Flow of your Real Estate Holdings.
  • Asset Management: Strategic and tactical direction to drive property value through:​

    • Leasing, Redevelopment and Repositioning

    • Operations Management

    • ​Risk Management and Monitoring

  • Acquisition Execution: After our proprietary investment screening underwriting and due diligence, we can strategically execute the acquisition(s)

  • Property Services: Full service development, construction and property management

  • Brokerage & Transaction Advisory: Licensed brokerage for representation in purchase, sale and lease transactions

Financial Structuring & Turnaround Solutions
We specialize in structuring and love to solve problems. This includes financial solutions to complex capital (debt/equity) property, development and joint venture partnership challenges.
  • Capital Advisory:  Strategic and tactical direction in debt & equity restructuring, valuation, fundraising and capital planning
  • Economic Structuring:  Joint ventures with property owners, development partnerships, ground leases and participating leases
  • Turnaround Solutions:  Loan workouts, rescue capital and interim management solutions